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Opens a wide variety of image formats and converts between them
Guest — 2 years ago
1/10 because you need to give me 10 dollars.Just kidding. Really good tool!
adler283911 — 3 years ago
The best photo viewer & editor.
h.foxtail — 7 years ago
Coooool!!! It's BETTER, than Photoshop!
Kevin — 7 years ago
Fast, full of features!
Guest — 8 years ago
Fast, simple, light
bibliofeelyak — 8 years ago
It is consistently excellent, almost perfect. even though I have PaintShop & PhotoShop, I have used IrfanView probably 80% of the time for my graphic ~( and sound, and video player) for a dozen years. It is versatile, lean and nimble. I cannot imagine using a computer without it!
Ranico — 9 years ago
Very simple use, good results
BlThunder — 9 years ago
The de-facto standard tool for viewing pictures, slideshows, making screensavers
Chang — 9 years ago
John Bolton — 7 years ago
Excellent.... and free
Sundaram — 9 years ago
Nice picture viewer & free too.
Albert Ross — 9 years ago
Good support for a wide range of image formats.
Dan — 9 years ago
Good program.
Guest — 9 years ago
Very simple to use.
Caleb Stein — 9 years ago
pretty good
saniismail — 9 years ago
i used this and it really good program>
Augie — 9 years ago
All in one window image program that makes it super simple for slideshow, thumbnails, editing and sizing
Imad Fawzi — 9 years ago
Very useful and free, a very good alternative to ACDSee
Lunadie — 9 years ago
Bruce Cohen — 9 years ago
free, easy interface, very few bugs, great range of options and photo editing
Guest — 10 years ago
Very good Free Software
miller8686 — 10 years ago
Awesome freeware image viewer and editor
Niefer — 10 years ago
Fastest viewer with editing capabilities and supporting Photoshop plug-ins.
Guest — 9 years ago
Fast & Free
Barry Ward — 10 years ago
Good extra editor to have.
Inkie — 10 years ago
A great little picture viewer that does so much more!
zaps40 — 10 years ago
this program works great with pictures even videos, WOW music too
Scribbly — 10 years ago
Great viewer that can view just about anything with lots of manipulations that work great for the quick fix.
Guest — 10 years ago
many formats
Guest — 11 years ago
ı am using it and very happy with
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